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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Exegetical Theology

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David Adams

Scripture References in this Resource

2 Kings 23:5; 1 Samuel 9:1–10:16; 2 Chronicles 34:3–7; 2 Samuel 18:17; Amos 7:13; Amos 7:9; Amos 9:1; Deuteronomy 33:29; Ezekiel 36:2; Ezekiel 43:7; Isaiah 14:14; Isaiah 53:9; Isaiah 6:13; Isaiah 6:14; Jeremiah 26:18; Job 27:15; Job 9:8; Micah 1:5; Micah 3:12


Taylor, Brian L.“ בָּמוֹת in Josianic Reforms.” Ph.D. diss., Concordia Seminary, 2016. 360pp.

Through exposition of the Reform report recorded in 2 Kgs 23:4–20, it will be contended that the term בָּמָה signified sacred space characterized by certain cultic personnel, cultic rites and cultic apparatus. This proposed depiction will be examined in light of the broader textual and lexical evidence for further confirmation, expansion or possible refutation. Should the proposal find broader support, it will be further utilized to examine possible בָּמוֹת sites in the archealogical record.

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