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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Exegetical Theology

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Andrew Bartelt

Scripture References in this Resource

Isaiah 28:1; Isaiah 29:1; Isaiah 29:15; Isaiah 30:1; Isaiah 31:1; Isaiah 33:1; Isaiah 30:15–18; Isaiah 29:14–24; Isaiah 28:1–4; Isaiah 8:16; Isaiah 4:2–6; Isaiah 62:3; Isaiah 7:18–25; Isaiah 8:19–23


Medina, G. Vincent “Theme and Structure in Isaiah 28–33: A Unified and Coherent Reading Centered on Ch. 30.” Ph.D. diss., Concordia Seminary, 2009. 260 pp.

This dissertation represents an attempt to demonstrate that Isaiah 28–33 is a compositional unity with structural and thematic coherence. Beginning with the widely recognized structuring function of the six hôy-oracles found in this section of Isaiah (Isa 28:1; 29:1; 29:15; 30:1; 31:1; 33:1), the dissertation seeks to discover a deeper and more comprehensive structuring principle. It argues that Isaiah 30 is the center of Isaiah 28–33, and that 30:15–18 is the central passage. This thesis is supported by structural evidence showing that ch. 30 is located at the center of 28– 33. It is argued that the pattern of the woe oracles in this corpus points to ch. 30 as the center, and that ch. 30 itself is arranged concentrically with vv. 15–18 at its center. The thesis that 30:15–18 is the central unit of chs. 28–33 is also supported quantitatively by syllable and line counts which show that15d, “in returning and rest you will be saved” is located at the very epicenter of these chapters. The case for the centrality of ch. 30 is also made by showing that it is linked thematically to all the other sections of chs. 28–33. Based upon careful structural and thematic analysis the dissertation argues that the central message of Isa 28–33 is salvation by trusting/waiting. This message challenges the people of God to cease their frantic efforts to cobble together plans of their own and to look to YHWH as their true savior. Only when the people Zion trust that his plans are right and wait patiently for their realization, will they experience the blessing for which they are destined.

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