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Practical Theology

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Arthur Repp


While this paper is concerned with the historical development of the fellowship discussions among the three church bodies it will be presented here in a cursory fashion for itis not the main intention of this paper to be a history. The LC-C has just commissioned the writing and publishing of a book on this very subject which is now available in paperback, written by the Rev. Albert Schwermann. What this paper will try to demonstrate and say is that the United States is a foreign country, different from Canada, and that in this time of rising nationalism in Canada it is certainly questionable whether an American based church, which cannot help but make American programs and decisions since most of its constituents are American, can best identify with and minister to the needs of Canada and Canadians which in terms of both distance and knowledge are for the most part foreign to it. Hopefully this paper will demonstrate that these thoughts and attitudes are not merely those of this writer, nor of just Canadian based pastors; but it will attempt to show through quoting some men in position of authority in the church and by citing resolutions of the Missouri Synod that these are also the thoughts and attitudes of that synod and that by so doing we may encourage not only the men in positions to bring about a truly Canadian Lutheran Church but also the Canadian laity to make a firm and responsible pledge to effect this independent and autonomous Canadian ministry to the Canadian people from inside Canada to the glory of God and the building of His kingdom.

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