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Systematic Theology

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Phil Pikroeder

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Genesis 1:26a; Genesis 1:20; Genesis 1:24; Genesis 1:29-30; Genesis 1:30; Genesis 2:23; Genesis 2:7; Genesis 3:19; Genesis 7:15-16; Job 2:5; Job 2:7;


Many problems facing the contemporary church stem from its past and present attempts to dichotomize man. Having split man's person into body and soul, material and spiritual, the church then demands allegiance to "either-or." The decision belongs to man. Either he flees the world and its possessions, or the world and its pleasures possess him. Today, more than ever before, churchmen realize that this decision is not so clearly drawn. Just as he is not exclusively material (the Marxist heresy), so man is not solely spirit (Christianity's overstatement). No longer can categories be labeled so neatly: religious and secular. Never before in the history of the church has the need for some type of modus vivendi with world culture and thought been so clear. Encounter with the world must be the Christian's watchword. A retreat into institutionalism or well-worn tradition spells certain defeat. Involvement in the study of world problems and issues must be a vital concern of every Christian. To that proposition this paper is dedicated.

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