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Arthur Repp


This study will limit itself to the aftermath of suicide. Many aspects of suicide will not be dealt with. For example, it will not deal with the reasons why people kill themselves. These reasons would be included in studies of suicidology, the rational suicide, religion and suicide, philosophy and suicide, and the prevention of suicide. Nor is this paper a definitive study of the aftermath of suicide. Research in this part of the suicide event has only begun in the last few years. The newness of data on this subject is seen in the fact that until 1972 there was not one book published which dealt with this subject. Several short articles had been written, but no books. In this year, three books have been published which deal with the subject. Paul Pretzel wrote Understanding and Counseling the Suicidal Person. In this book, he has one chapter which is entitled "The Aftermath of Suicide." Howard W. Stone wrote the book, Suicide and Grief. This book deals entirely with the aftermath of suicide. It is the result of study which Stone did with the help of the Suicide Prevention center in Los Angeles. The third book was written by Albert C. Cain, Survivor of Suicide. This book is not used in this study because the book was first published in September of 1972and was unavailable for the deadline of this paper.

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