The Egalitarian Use of the Trinity as a Model for Gender Relations

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Master of Theology (Th.M)


Systematic Theology


The current debate concerning gender relations in the church and in the home has neither subsided nor made much progress towards reconciliation. While egalitarian arguments are constructed from many theological and philosophical perspectives, a very consistently used argument encompasses the doctrine of the Trinity. But is this doctrine used in a valid manner to prove their point?

This paper is an exploration of some of the methodologies used by egalitarians which utilizes the doctrine of the Trinity as a foundation for gender roles in the church and home.

The paper is divided into five parts: an introduction into the issue, an overview of the doctrine of the Trinity which will serve as a reference point, the examination of egalitarian use of the doctrine of the Trinity, a critique regarding the development of the Trinity and a critique of the methodology incorporated which yields its particular applications along with a summary conclusion.


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