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As early as 1534 an Ethiopian monk traveled to Wittenberg to get in touch with Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon. The theological dialogue that resulted from this marked the beginning of a history of entanglement between Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and European Protestantism. The present work for the first time reveals the history of the diverse interactions between these previously separately examined variants of Christianity in the period from the 16th to the early 20th century and thus makes a fundamental contribution to the history of global Christianity. Methodically, the work ties in with the approach of the histoire croisée and makes it fruitful for transdenominational church historiography. Thus, the book offers a new look at both African and European church history in modern times and shows an example of the way in which denominational and culturally divergent variants of Christianity were linked across continents.


äthiopisch, wittenberg, martin luther, philipp melanchthon, äthiopisch-orthodoxes christentum, europäischer protestantismus, histoire croisée, kirchengeschichte, ethiopian, wittenberg, martin luther, philipp melanchthon, ethiopian orthodox christianity, european protestantism, histoire croisée, church history


History of Christianity

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Das andere Christentum Zur transkonfessionellen Verflechtungsgeschichte von äthiopischer Orthodoxie und europäischem Protestantismus