Preaching Martin Luther's Small Catechism at The Fort Knox Lutheran Service

David Karl Jacob, Erskine Theological Seminary


The United States Army provides religious support to its soldiers through Army chaplains. The soldiers who attend the worship services these chaplains offer are there for different reasons. A lack of information exists on these soldiers and how chaplains can better teach them the doctrines of their specific denomination.

The purpose of this dissertation was to describe and evaluate a catechetical preaching series based on the six chief parts of Martin Luther's Small Catechism. The series was preached to Army basic training soldiers during Lutheran worship services at Cavalry Chapel on Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The goal of this project was to increase the knowledge of the Small Catechism among those who attended the worship services. Information was also gathered on the soldiers attending the Lutheran service.

A group of twelve soldiers was randomly selected and given a questionnaire before the first worship service and after the last worship service in the sermon series. Six soldiers were interviewed for more in-depth data collection. An evaluation of this project was made based upon the results of the data.