Autonomy or Multi-Site? A Policy Capturing Study of Two Models of Church Planting for the Guidance of Future Site Planting at Ascension Lutheran Church, Wichita, Kansas

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


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William Utech

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The purpose of this study was to produce a set of reasoned recommendations for future site planting for Ascension Lutheran Church, Wichita, KS. Ascension unintentionally became a multi-site congregation in 2002. This study looks at thirteen Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod congregations. Six congregations planted independent congregations (daughter sites). Six congregations planted multi-site venues (sister sites). One congregation has used both models of church planting. The primary component for information gathering was a survey seeking information from each of these churches on how they decided which model to follow. Understanding the reasoning and assumptions made by these churches, I developed a set of recommendations was developed to help Ascension Lutheran Church choose which model to follow for our next plant.

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