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Major Applied Project

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Practical Theology

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Victor Raj

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Mark 1:15; Romans 10:14-15; 2 Corinthians 5:19; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:39; Matthew 28:18-20; John 1:1-3; Genesis 3:8-9; Genesis 3:21; Luke 19:10; Genesis 6:17; Joshua 24:3; Gen. 12:2-3; Exodus 19:5-6; Isaiah 42:1; Isaiah 42:6; Isaiah 2:2-4; Zechariah 2:10-11; Jonah 4:2-4; Jonah 4:11; Jeremiah 29:10; Jeremiah 29:4-7; Ezekiel 36:23-24; John 1:14; John 2:19-21; John 20:31


Wood, Christian R. “Interpreting Short Term Mission for Long Term Discipleship: Creating a Standardized Short-term Mission Experience Training Manual for Hales Corners Lutheran Church.” Doctor of Ministry. Major Applied Project, Concordia Seminary, 2018. 201 pp.

This project seeks to produce a concise and consistent training manual for participants in Short Term Mission Experiences (STMEs). The manual seeks to foster growth toward living life on mission. This project uses interviews with several exemplars along with literary resources to produce a training manual. The training manual was then “tested” as more than fifty individuals participated in seven STMEs through Hales Corners Lutheran Church from March through November 2017.

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