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To evangelize the world was the Great Commission which Jesus gave to His disciples when He took leave of them to return to His Father. To evangelize the world is still the great responsibility of the Church today. The apostles preached first in Jerusalem and Judea but then went down to Samaria and from thence to the great Greco-Roman world beyond. Home Missions, or the evangelization of the unchurched in our community, is our first obligation; but while doing this, we dare not neglect the "Samarias" and the partes infidelium beyond. We have done reasonably well in preaching the Gospel at home and in planting the Church in every part of our great continent. The phenomenal growth of our Synod is a living testimony to this fact. But the great heathen world beyond is still a most disturbing reality and a challenge to all of Christendom. No Church can ignore it with impunity.


Missions and World Christianity

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