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church art, christian art, lutheran, architecture, byzantine, catholic, culture, esthetics

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The study of the humanities, as included in the course of study at our junior colleges, will do much toward establishing and developing an appreciation of the best products of the human mind through the centuries. The students are now being introduced to the masterpieces of ancient and modern literature, to the drama of the Greeks and Romans as well as that of modern times, to music from primitive times to our own day, to history from the standpoint of economics and the social relationships, to the effect of scientific research in our daily lives, and specifically in the fine arts as they are now commonly listed, in addition to those named above, architecture, sculpture and ceramics, painting and weaving, and all the related fields. To students who have this background the course in Christian art, which is now offered at the Seminary, will give such additional stimulation and information as to enable them to have an appreciation of the truly beautiful in the art of men from the most primitive times to the present day, including the periods of the highest achievement as well as those of deterioration and decay.


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