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With a few strokes of his pen, Luke had in the preceding verses presented an accurate picture of the life and activities of the early Christian Church. Peacefully and undisturbed by the enemies of Christ, the apostles went about their daily duty of preaching and performing wonders and signs. In chapter 3 Luke singles out one of these miracles, which gave to two of the apostles a special opportunity to proclaim the Gospel before a vast assembly and which was the occasion for the first open opposition on the part of the leaders of the people, chap. 4, 1. As in his entire book, Luke here shows his mastery in vivid and exact description. We have here a word-picture, painted with marvelous skill by a master artist. The closer we study this passage, the more vividly will the whole scene be reenacted before our eyes.


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Acts 3:1-16; John 1:29; Mark 5:37; Mark 9:2; Mark 13:3; Luke 22:8; John 13:23-24; Mark 14:33; John 18:16; John 20:1-10; John 21:2, 7, 20-21; Matthew 18:20; Matthew 28:20;

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