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In his thirteenth sermon on the life of Luther, Mathesius remarks: ''In my youth I saw on un-German German Bible, undoubtedly translated from the Latin, which was very dark indeed; for at that time the learned men did not have much regard for the Bible. My father also had a German postil, in which, besides the Gospels of the Sundays, several passages from the Old Testament were explained in postil form, from which I often read to him with great delight." At the same time the father of this pupil of Luther often expressed the wish that he might sec the entire Bible in German.


History of Christianity

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Psalm 38:2-4; Psalm 18:9; John 2:1; Matthew 12:14 ff; John 12:3; Matthew 1:1-22; Matthew 5:5; Matthew 9:15;

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