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reed sea, exodus, israel, Yahweh's deliverance, faith, egypt, assyrians

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The present study will first examine the diversity to be observed in references to the Reed Sea event outside the Book of Exodus. The second section will then trace the fourfold witness underlying the most extensive account of the event, that found in Ex. 13-15. As in the case of the fourfold Gospel account in the New Testament, diverse testimonies are seen to reflect the same event, applying it to different needs and situations in the life of God's people. We must learn to avoid leveling the characteristic contours of these individual testimonies into a fiat and uninteresting plain of simplified statements. Instead we must look for an enrichment of faith and understanding, channeled through the varying gifts of inspiration ·bestowed on various holy men of God. Yet in all we recognize the one Lord and the one faith.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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