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How does it happen? On assignment day the whole world spread out before him… entering the ministry … his own group of people to shepherd … the heady challenge of a world needing both the courage of a prophet and the resounding proclamation of a gospel … the continuity of the holy Christian church. He was about to step into the procession of the Te Deum. His wife's hand squeezed his as his name was called. Not too many years later late at night he sits wondering. It hasn't turned out as he had dreamed. The opposition was more insidious, the apathy more deadening. Strangely, as time passed he had wondered more and more about himself - his own skills, his approaches. Maybe he just doesn't have it; perhaps the way the ministry is set up is all wrong. Maybe he should get out now while he is still relatively young. The situation seems intolerable. God, what had happened?


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