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The Affirmations on the Mission of the Church which The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod adopted at the Detroit convention in 1965 are part of the evidence of the ongoing struggle of one part of the church to understand what and why the church is in the world. The struggle has not been easy nor has it been without conflict. The affirmations call us to see the church's mission in terms of people rather than church structures. They compel us to wrestle with the standards of comfort and convenience by which we continually serve ourselves. They plead with us to allow our Lord to use us to bring His help and healing to men. So the affirmations state that the church is God's mission and that this mission is not an optional activity but the very life concern of all of us for all men whoever and wherever they are.


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Matthew 10:16; Matthew 16:25; Matthew 7:21; 2 Corinthians 4:8-12;

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