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One can hardly speak of a Fuerbringer without bringing in some church history. This is especially true of Alfred O. Fuerbringer, who traces a line of ministers as forebears back to the 17th century through his father's side, and two centuries farther back on his grandmother's side, including one of the signers of the Formula of Concord in 1577-1580 (Martinus Bungerus). He has an even more intimate relationship with the Missouri Synod, for his grandfather was one of the Saxon founders. Two of his predecessors to the presidency of Concordia Seminary were related to him, C. F. W. Walther, who married his great-aunt, and Ludwig Fuerbringer. Furthermore, Alfred was brought up in the seminary community, since his father Ludwig was on the faculty while Franz Pieper was president. His youth was spent largely in these surroundings, among people associated with the early heritage and development of the Missouri Synod.


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