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Studies in Eusebius

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Melito, bishop of Sardis, in a letter presented to Aurelius, called Christianity "the philosophy which began under Augustus." (Eusebius, IV, 26.) The narrative about the persecution in Gaul under Marcus Aurelius, in V, is among the most important in the Church History of the bishop of Caesarea, untainted by the flattery of his later references to Constantine. This persecution occurred in 177 A. D., especially in Lugdunum and Vienne on the Rhone. The report given by the churches there, sent to the churches in the provinces of Asia and Phrygia, is the longest citation in the whole history of Eusebius, and it seems to have been composed in Greek. One is almost compelled to infer that Greek was still the language in which Scripture was read in the services and perhaps also the language of the sermons•


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John 16:2; Acts 15:20; Matthew 22:11; Acts 7:60; Colossians 1:18; Acts 5:29; 1 Peter 2:9;

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