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spirit-baptism, Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, baptized, charismatic, glossolalia, pentecost, new testament, st. paul, early church, jerusalem, prophetic

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The two subjects in the title fall into the difficult area of Pneumatology and are prompted by what is called the modern "charismatic" or "Pentecostal" movement. Both subjects deal with the exceptional gifts of the Holy Spirit in the early church usually called "charisms" (charismata). Strictly speaking all gifts of the Spirit are supernatural, Spirit-given, hence charismatic, so, for example, also the three basic endowments granted to all Christians: faith, hope, love. In the following notes, for the sake of convenience, we shall call the exceptional gifts (for example, "speaking in tongues" and "prophecy") "charismatic," and the spiritual endowments granted to all baptized believers we shall calls "normal."


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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