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In Many, Much

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Pastors of large churches have always had to suffer from well-meaning brothers who masked their sometimes subconscious envy behind a hearty "I'll bet you just wear yourself out on that big job." In addition, two movements of thought have recently bedeviled them. One is that God is dead, and perhaps the whole operation should be turned into a used-car lot. The other is that the parish is dead, that it is a shame for people to come on a Sunday and be comforted when they ought to give up all and live in tenements. In all three corrosive comments is the grain of uncomfortable truth. It is hard to keep up with the case load of human need. It is hard to remember and to help people remember that God is very much alive and His Christ is with them. It is hard not to be discouraged over the apathy not merely of the nonattenders but the attenders.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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