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There is a force building up in Japan which has a most threatening aspect, no matter whether one views it from East or West, from the base of the church or the base of communism. The throbbing nationalism of this force is antithetical both to the unity needed among free nations and to the enforced internationalism of communism. And since this force is preeminently a religious force, it must appear terribly anachronistic to a believing and practicing communist who believes that man is outgrowing his need of religion. It is also a heart-breaking phenomenon to behold from the viewpoint of those who labor to present Christ to the people of Japan, simply because such vast numbers of Japanese are turning to it rather than to Christ's church for satisfaction of spiritual needs. This powerful and growing force, which has already provided cover-story news for some of America's large magazines, is Soka Gakkai (Value-creating Society), a subsect of the Nichiren branch of Buddhism.


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