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In our day there is nothing sensational in the remark that the authors of our New Testament documents often quote the Septuagint version rather than the Hebrew text in their use of the Old Testament. In fact, as long ago as 1782 Randolph came to the conclusion that 119 of the 239 actual quotations from the Old Testament occurring in the New were taken from the Septuagint. This was almost 50 years before Doepke's Hermeneutik der neutestamentlichen Schriftsteller ( 1829) clearly demonstrated the extensive methodological agreements between New Testament authors and rabbinic writers, thereby laying the groundwork for our contemporary approach to this whole matter. With specific reference to St. Paul, Professor Ellis concluded as recently as last year that the Septuagint was "his usual vade mecum."


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1 Peter 1:24-25; 1 Peter 4:12-5:11;

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