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Men are colling upon the Christian Church with increasing insistence that it adjust its teachings to the findings of science. The Western Christian Advocate of December 22, 1027, declared: "New discoveries have necessitated new statements of our faith. Our views of the Bible, our ideas as to God's relationship to the world, have got to be reconstructed. . . . The heterodoxies of one day have become the orthodoxies of the next." w. K. Wright, in A. Student’s Philosophy of Religion, demands that he, the student, draw no conclusions in conflict with the dicta of present-day mental and physical science. Chester Forrester Dunham, in Christianity in a World of Science, insists that "Christianity must make a scientific adjustment if it is to live in harmony with the new age." A writer in the Lutheran of November 24, 1927, asks that "instead of combating science, religion should welcome, and make use of, its discoveries.


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