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Less than a half century after Augustine of Canterbury began his work of Christianizing the Anglo-Saxons in England; nearly a half century before Boniface, the so-called Apostle of the Germans, was born; fully two hundred years before Ansgar, the Apostle of the North, began his work of founding the Christian Church among the Northmen; and long before Christianity had came to the Moravians, Bulgarians, Bohemians, Hungarians, Pomeranians, Prussians, Poles, Russians, and other people that make up the Western Christian world to-day, Christianity was brought to China, that far-fung land with its teeming millions of inhabitants, which in spite of all the past efforts at the Christianization of its people is at the present time still one of the greatest and most important fields for Christion missions in the world.


History of Christianity

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