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On the sixth day of November there was laid to rest in the land of his birth, which he had left fifty-six years ago and to which he had returned in 1923, a man whose name deserves to be retained in loving and grateful memory within our circles. It is Prof. Georg Mezger, D. D., for twenty- seven years the teacher of Homiletics, Catechetics, and Pastoral Theology at our Seminary, for the post eight years teaching at the Seminary of the German Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Saxony at Berlin-Zehlendorf. Mezger was a quiet, unassuming, unobtrusive person, at all times "Gentleman George," as he was frequently called. And still he exercised a for-reaching, wholesome influence, due to the thoroughness of his work, his calm, objective judgment, and his splendid gift of logical reasoning and clear presentation.


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