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In the years immediately after World War I, tentative attempts were made to establish contact for purposes of fellowship and understanding between European, North American, Asian, and other Lutheran bodies in the world. The first real meeting of representatives of Lutheran churches throughout the world took place in 1923 at Eisenach, Germany. Here 160 delegates from twenty-two nations met August 19-24, 1923, in order to explore and express their unity of faith and spiritual kinship. The way for this gathering and all that followed from it "was prepared by the General Evangelical Lutheran Conference, which, although at first confined to Germany, was even before 1900 extended to Scandinavia." The Eisenach delegates decided there was need for a world organization and created the Lutheran World Convention. "In Eisenach in 1923 an organization was effected under the name of the Lutheran World Convention, uniting Lutherans on the doctrinal basis of the Holy Scriptures, the Unaltered Augsburg Confession, and Luther's Shorter Catechism." They accepted the doctrinal statement which is now paragraph one in the constitution of the Lutheran World Federation.


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