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Evanston in Retrospect

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world council of churches, convention, ministry, evanston, disunity, evangelism

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Last summer our sainted colleague, Dr. F. E. Mayer, in the last article that he wrote for this journal, sketched the issues which according to the program developed by the leaders of the World Council of Churches would confront its delegates, consultants, and accredited visitors in August. (see the July number of the CTM, pp. 516-533). The general theme of the convention was to be "Christ-the Hope of the World." Six subthemes had been selected: 1. "Our oneness in Christ and our disunity as churches"; 2. "Evangelism: the church's neglected vocation"; 3. "Social problems: the responsible society in a world perspective"; 4. "Questions in the struggle for world community"; 5. "The church amid racial and ethical tensions"; 6. "The laity- the Christian in his vocation." Now the convention has been held, and appraisals are in order. We ask: What has been accomplished? How did the theme and the subthemes fare? Were the discussions worthwhile? Did Biblical truths win victories?


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Ephesians 4:15, 25; Galatians 5:9; Colossians 2:8;

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