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''There is no such thing in the Christian Church as mere teaching; all teaching is to be reduced to practice. The Christian Church is not a philosophers' school, where only teaching is done, but a society of people who by faith in the Gospel and mortification of the flesh are traveling on the way to everlasting life and are commissioned to lead others into this way. True, there is also teaching done in the Christian Church, and this is done first and over continued. Doctrine is the basis for every activity of the Church. However, teaching is not the end, but only a means to the end. For the Word of God which is proclaimed in the Church must bring about the doing of that which each particular word requires of the hearers. The Gospel is to be received believingly and held fast by the individual hearers, and the Law, too, is to be applied by them in its threefold use. Moreover, not only each person for himself is to see to it that he yield obedience to the Word, but in accordance with God's arrangement the Christians are to lend a helping hand to one another in this task.


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