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The boast of the Lutheran Church has ever been that it is "the Church of the open Bible," that the Holy Scriptures are given into the hands of every member, and that every Christian is urged to ransack the Bible for the truths of salvation and the revelation of God's grace and goodness in general. The Lutheran Church has ever acknowledged, in addition, that "whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning," Rom. 15, 4, so that, while a difference is rightly made in the relative importance of the various parts of the Bible for the way of salvation, there is no book and no chapter that does not contain some instruction of value to the believer. Hence the Lutheran Church is committed to Bible-study, a study whose base and nucleus indeed may and should be the systematic presentation of doctrinal theology, but which should extend from there into every department of knowledge set forth or even touched upon in the Bible, including in particular also the historical data with which so many of the doctrinal parts of the Bible are connected.


History of Christianity

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