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How Peter Became Pope

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Giovanni do Medici was made Abbot of Fonte-dolce at the age of seven, Pope Sixtus IV confirming the grant. When thirteen, he was made a cardinal by Pope Innocent VIII.

Lorenzo the Magnificent sent his boy cardinal to Rome with a warning agamid the fashionable society in "that sink of all iniquity An Italian proverb ran, "Rome seen, faith lost." Froude declares that "no imagination could invent, no malice could exaggerate, what the papal court really became under Alexander VI and Julius II and Leo X.”

Leo X became Pope in 1513 and had to near to reform his court from top to bottom. As early as 1516 Jerome Aleander told Leo thousands in Germany were only waiting the word to cry out against Rome.

Cardinal Pucci said at the Lateran Council in 1516: ''Rome, the Roman prelates, and the bishops sent out daily from Rome, we together are the causes of so many errors and corruptions in the Church. If we do not regain our good name, which is almost wholly lost, everything will be ruined."


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