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“Luther gave the green light to divorce." - Rev. John Toomy in the Jesuit America of August 14, 1943.

“Luther teaches any man who is tired of his wife may leave her for any reason whatsoever, and, forthwith, the marriage is dissolved and both are free to marry again." - Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick O'Hare, D. D., LL. D., in Facts About Luther, p. 333. Pustet, 1916.

It is a rehash of stale stuff. Four hundred years ago, on May 19, 1536, Eustace Chapuys, Kaiser Karl's ambassador to London, wrote Karl's minister Granvelle: “Many think that the Concubine [Anne Boleyn] had become so audacious in vice, because most of the new bishops had persuaded her that she need not go to confession; and that according to the new sect [of Lutherans] it was lawful to seek aid elsewhere, even from her own relations, when her husband was not able to satisfy her." Which even he did not affect to believe. - Froude, Divorce, p. 431.


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