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The terms "Liberalism" and "Modernism" have been used interchangeably during the past few decades. Prior to 1910 the representatives of rationalistic theology in American Protestantism were known as "liberal theologians." The term "Modernism" was employed originally to denote the radical historico-critical method of two Roman Catholic scholars, Louis Duchesne and Alfred Loisy of the Paris University, who questioned virtually all of the ecclesiastical material on which the Papacy based its claim as well as the Biblical foundations. This movement was condemned by Pius X in 1907. It was quite natural that in the clash between the liberal and conservative theologians in the large Reformed bodies the "essentialists," or ''Fundamentalists," applied the term "Modernists" to the. liberal Protestant theologians. Since 1910 the term ''Modernism" has practically lost its first connotation and is used to denote radical theology in the Reformed bodies.


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