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st. augustine, rome, church, roman empire, alaric, bishop of hippo, visigoths, westfall, civitate dei

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An examination of Augustine's De Civitate Dei and its meaning for our day, therefore, needs no apology. During the Middle Ages, indeed, the treatise by St. Augustine had far greater meaning than it has now, for the world of today has been secularized by forces which the fourth and fifth as well as the twelfth and thirteenth centuries did not know. But even for us many of the principles supported by Augustine must enter into our Weltanachauung if we are to appraise the forces and movements around us aright. The twentieth century cannot shrug its shoulders and say, ''Why be concerned with a Bishop of Hippo who lived fifteen hundred years ago?" His ideas have lived in history and have made history.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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