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In the annals of the past one frequently finds a twilight zone, where tradition and history meet, where fact must be distinguished from fancy and mythical accretion. It is rather challenging and intriguing to evaluate both secondary and primary sources in the effort to determine just which points may be regarded as the nuclear truth. In the history of the Apostles, for example, only that is acceptable without question which we find in the New Testament. With regard to later accounts and church tradition we must exercise great care to separate truth from legend. Thus we may, from the apocryphal Acts, accept the fact of Peter's having died as a martyr in Rome and possibly even that of his having been crucified with his head downward, but we should have to hesitate very much in giving credence to the mass of legendary accounts which have attached themselves to Peter's last imprisonment.


History of Christianity

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Exodus 7:11; Matthew 2:1;

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