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The CONCORDIA THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY has frequently expressed editorial amazement over the teachings which are permitted to represent the theology of the United Lutheran Church through pages of the Lutheran Church Quarterly, edited jointly by the faculties of the theological seminaries at Gettysburg and at Philadelphia. Particularly the book reviews have been permitted to express views which diverge considerably from the doctrine of the Lutheran Confessions. But it is rarely that a single issue of the Quarterly contains so much as the October issue of this year (1940) to discourage those who have been hoping for an upward trend in the confessionalism of that large and important body of Lutherans. Particularly must those who have been hoping for a realization of Dr. Delk's bon mot on the occasion of the 1918 merger - ''Merge the best, submerge the rest" - been shocked by the article in which Prof. Herbert Alleman of Gettysburg discusses The Pittsburgh Agreement in its bearings on Lutheran unity. The article represents in undiluted force the position of the old General Synod on such matters as secret orders, church-fellowship, and the doctrine of verbal inspiration.


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