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The well-known saying, The exiles returned from Babylon to found not a kingdom but a Church, expresses at best only a half-truth, for the commonwealth of Israel was from its very origin a Church, a state-church, a church-state, a theocracy, and this theocracy was not founded by the returning exiles, but was a divine institution, organized by the Lord immediately after the deliverance of Israel out of Egypt. It is rather difficult for us to realize all that the term ''theocracy" implies. The Jewish Church was not a Church within the Jewish state, it was the Jewish state; and the Jewish state was not something altogether independent of the Jewish Church, it was the Jewish Church. In Israel the church laws were state laws, the state laws were church laws.


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Isaiah 58:3-5; Deuteronomy 23:1; Judges 2:16-18; Genesis 35:11; 2 Samuel 5:12; Amos 2:11; Exodus 28:1; Numbers 8:6-26; Leviticus 10:1-2;

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