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The Superman

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evolution, superman, science, babylon, nietzsche

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This is a revision, amplification, and bringing up to date of an oration delivered and published a number of years ago. I should like to add that I have sometimes felt in preparing this paper that what Bergson, for instance, has been driving at has eluded me. I have tried to present fairly and justly the doctrines of the thinkers mentioned in this paper. Even If I have failed to discover what they wished to teach, I feel pretty confident of having found out what the bulk of their followers think they teach. For practical purposes that is sufficient; for we are concerned with the evil results of their teaching in the average educated person. By average educated parson I mean one who has had at least a high-school education. It is clear that what it not understood of their teaching has no practical effect for either good or evil.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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