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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Systematic Theology

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Otto Sohn


One of the most difficult and distressing problems that a minister encounters today is that of dealing with delinquent church members. Those members of a congregation who become lax in their faith through neglect of the means of grace or an evident attitude of indifference in their spiritual life constitute a problem that is not easily solved. Speaking of delinquent or inactive church members, W. F. Crossland asserts: "They constitute a challenge to every church and minister and represent one of the major problems facing the Christian Church. The aim of this study, therefore, has been to examine the extent of the problem and consider ways and means which have proven successful in solving the problem. By solving the problem we mean approaching the delinquent in order to rewin him to active membership. It has not been the purpose of this study to be concerned with the administration of the final stage of church discipline or excommunication. Rather we have endeavored to determine what can and should be done in order to restore the backsliding, delinquent members to a more fervent faith in the Savior and a more fruitful fellowah1p with the congregation.

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