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I am not writing with the thought of instituting a church-wide swing toward the "social Gospel ", or even with the hope of a sudden plunge of the church into the sphere of sociology. Our church is definitely Scriptural, so it is my purpose to bring out on the basis of the biblical background for social work, the extent into which our church has delved into social service, and a few humble suggestions for greater service to man and thus to God. It is the hope that such specific emphasis upon our present labors in this field will make us more social-minded. The Lutheran Church has made definite steps in that direction--so many that a paper of this sort can do no more than survey the entire problem from a distance that the perspective of the whole might be complete. If the doctrine of Justification is not referred to, it is not because of a desire to slight or underestimate the importance of this basic truth but rather because or the desire to bring out the importance of the fruits of such a doctrine, i.e. the living faith.

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