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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Exegetical Theology

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Richard Caemmerer

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Luke 1:15-22; Luke 2:8-20; Matthew 1:18-25; Matthew 2:19-23; Matthew 18:10; Matthew 26:53; Luke 15:10; John 1:51; Matthew 4:1; Luke 22:43; Matthew 28:2-8; Mark 16:5-7; Luke 24:4-8; John 20:11-13; Matthew 2:13; Luke 1:11-13; Luke 1:26; Daniel 8:16; Daniel 9:21; Isaiah 63:9;


The purpose of this thesis is to examine Luther's preaching of good works and evaluate his work somewhat on the basis of the standard layed down in the next section. It will include a short study of his preaching style and habits in general, an examination of his definition of good works and his description and use of the power of the Gospel to enable the people to live the life in Christ.

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