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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Systematic Theology

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Martin Scharlemann


Thus it is evident that this version has caused considerable controversy and difference of opinion. Therefore thorough and objective study is needed to determine the adequacy of this version, to ascertain whether it is true and accurate to the spirit of the original Greek text, to see whether it measures up to the claims made for it by the committee and publishers, to investigate whether or not this new 'Version is usable in public worship and private devotions. The present study is an effort in this direction. It is an evaluation of the RSV on the basis of the First Epistle of Peter to determine how faithful the revisers have been in bringing out what the Greek actually says. It is not an attempt to argue for an all-out acceptance of the version, nor does it have as its goal merely to point out reasons why the RSV must be rejected. Instead it seeks to be an objective study, pointing out some high spots of the translation and some low, indicating instances where the RSV makes a passage quite lucid and clear and also passages where the rendering is not adequate. At the same time the study will point up the fact that at times the translator or reviser has a difficult task before him because of the nature of the passages he is trying to render, and that his work, therefore, must be approached with sympathy and understanding.

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