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Historical Theology

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Ralph Bohlmann

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This paper is an attempt to show the attitudes and ideas of leading Lutherans on the matter of war and the participation in war. The Lutheran Church has been, in the past, and remains an important part of the whole Christian witness. Therefore, the ideas of prominent men in this body are important for study in order to more fully understand the position which the whole Lutheran Church has taken in regard to this problem. In order to limit the scope of such a study, the paper will deal mainly with 20th Century attitudes. Likewise, the main Lutheran bodies to which attention is given are: The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, The Lutheran Church in America, and The American Lutheran Church. A brief examination of Dr. Martin Luther's stand will also be considered because he has greatly influenced these denominations in their positions. It is both necessary and important to include an examination of both Old and New Testament material relevant to the topic since the Holy Scriptures are the source and norm for the Lutheran faith, and because men of differing views turn to. Them in support of their arguments pro and con regarding war.

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