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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Exegetical Theology

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William Arndt


The purpose of this thesis has a background. Two years ago Doctor Arndt interested several of his students, among them the writer, in the problem of isolating in the Pauline epistles a Caesarean text such as that which the critics Lake, Streeter, and others find chiefly in Codex Theta for the Gospels. The resulting studies in the critica1 editions of Tischendorf and von Soden and in the text of Papyrus 46 (P46) served as a fine introduction to further work. Because of the interest which these studies aroused, as master’s thesis in the graduate school of Washington University. Saint Louis, the writer made a critical apparatus for the extant Romans text of P46 as edited by Professor Sanders, which collated all the variants among the majuscle mes as they are recorded by Tischendorf, von Soden, and Merk. From those variants in the Romans text of P46 have been selected the ones used in this thesis, ·and to the collated majuscle evidence has been added the versenal and patristic evidence of Tischendorf.

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