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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Historical Theology

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Luke 1:57-80;


In making a comparison between Dr. Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther, (1811 - 1887) and Dr. Joseph Augustus Seiss,(1823 - 1904) as masters of sacred rhetoric in the American Lutheran pulpit, we must, in order to come to a clear understanding of these men as preachers, take into consideration their early training and the times in which they lived, when the Lutheran Church was just beginning to take root in this country and when preachers and sermons played a different part in congregational life, than they do today.

A study of the early years of their lives shows that a divine Providence carefully guided their foot-steps and removed obstacles from their paths. God has chosen these men for the upbuilding of His Kingdom in this grand country and He had mapped out a definite work which they were to do in a most unique time.

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