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Exegetical Theology

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In reading the Epistle to the Ephesians one is impressed by its peculiar loftiness and its grandeur in style. Scholars quite generally have accepted it as one of the sublimest and most profound of all the New Testament writings. Dr Salmond says: "In the judgment of many who are well entitled to deliver an opinion, it is the grandest of all the Pauline letters" (l). And Hayes remarks: "This epistle is a work of art. Its sublimity of thought is matched by its beauty of expression" (2). Strong calls this Epistle "the greatest production of inspiration" and adds, "the apostle in the greatness of his thoughts, struggles with earthly language. Language staggers so to speak, under the weight of meaning he would lay upon it. It is an epistle which we can read for the first time and be deeply impressed by it; and yet it is only the tenth, or the twentieth, or hundreth reading that lets us into the secrets of its power11” (3). Luther calls this epistle one of the noblest of the New Testament books. Nevertheless, there have been various and conflicting theories concerning this epistle, principally concerning its authorship, place of writing, and destiny.

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