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The question of Paul’s last years is one which has been agitating the minds of Bible scholars for many years. The failure of the Holy Spirit to give us any definite Information as to the time and place of his death is to a great extent responsible for this controversy. Tradition, likewise, while it is unaninous on some points relating to the Apostle's last days and death, leaves us in the lurch when we approach the question of the exact date of Paul's death. The result of this uncertainty is not merely a contention regarding the date of Paul's martyrdom, but it involves much more, namely, the question whether the Book of Acts records the end of Paul's activity, or whether there is a release from the captivity, a subsequent activity, and a second imprisonment, in which the Apostle met his death; for we may say now that the death of the Apostle in a Roman captivity is the one point on which tradition is unanimous.

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