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Our Lord, on His departure from this earth, gave the great missionary command, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations." Shortly after, we hear of small established congregations, of one heart and one soul, continuing steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayers. However these conditions were restricted to small circles, for among the majority of the Jews, the gospel had made little headway. There were the Sadducees, the wealthy class of Epicureans, denying resurrection and judgment; there were the Pharisees, zealous for the law it is true, but having an entirely carnal conception of it, resulting in mere formalism. The condition of the Jews of the Diaspora, under the influence of Hellenism, was no better. Among the Gentiles the religious conditions were still worse. The old gods had come into disuse, but in their place came the work righteousness of philosophers among the wealthy and serious-minded, while the common people were steeped in crass superstition and immorality. To bring the gospel to such a world, required a man who was both a Jew and a Greek, to be able to reach these people; a Roman Citizen to receive protection; and above all, a man who had been singularly affected, in his innermost heart and soul, by the very appearance of Jesus himself. Such a man we have in the Apostle Paul. It is the object of this paper to show how his early life was a preparation of that chosen vessel of the Lord.

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