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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)

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Horace Hummel

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Zechariah 7:9; Isaiah 43:26; Proverbs 8:18; Joel 2:23; 1 Samuel 12:7; Micah 6:5; Deuteronomy 25:15; Leviticus 19:36; Ezra 45:10; Job 31:6; Deuteronomy 33:19; Psalm 4:5; Psalm 51:19;


We have attempted, in this thesis, to find the sources and authorities most competent to lead us along the way toward understanding what progression of revelation actually did take place in the writings as we have them from the eighth century. That there are other authorities which perhaps should have been consulted should not be denied; but we feel that the presentation as it is here sufficiently proves that these prophets were truly led by God to make a great advance over their predecessors.

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