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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Systematic Theology

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Theodore Graebner

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Acts 17:28; Amos 9:2;


There is a certain restless dissatisfaction in man as he pursues his daily tasks and endeavors to enjoy his present life to the full. In the case of the believer, there is not this uncertainty and groping. But in the case of the unconverted, there is many a one who substitutes an “unknowab1e Infinity for the true God. Man will strive earnestly to satisfy his craving after the true Reality, but rarely, if ever, will he try to find the truth about God in His Word. Instead of this objective source, man seeks communion with nature and thus hopes to find God there. He seems to feel that there God is present. However, we shall see that this knowledge of God's presence is a limited one, and that man has much to hope for, even though he realizes the presence of God in this way.

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